Free HIV Testing

Free HIV Testing is a program of HAF, a community based health organization fully dedicated to improving health outcomes of New Yorkers. In sponsoring Free HIV Testing for all New Yorkers we pledge to provide concrete support to those who are living with HIV while stemming the spread of HIV. We firmly believe that Knowing is Better, therefore we encourage all New Yorkers to test for HIV sooner rather than later. We pledge to be by your side every step of the way. For more information about HAF, please visit Latino Pride Center’s HIV Testing Section.

Our symposiums & workshops, emotional support counseling, support groups, health & wellness and special events have been designed with your needs in mind.

Services for LGBT

Symposiums & Workshops

You can join our informative and interesting “Entre Hombres” (Among Men) workshop. We explore your experiences and rights as a gay or bisexual man, opportunities and challenges we face as part of the community or the “gay scene”, your life, your hopes and how to achieve goals. We have symposiums and workshops every month. Topics vary on a monthly basis determined by our participants’ needs. Past topics include “Long Term Relationships”, “Negotiating Safer Sex”, “Sexuality and Intimacy”, “Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health”. Symposiums & Workshops are available at our service centers in Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.

Individual Emotional Support

Individual emotional support counseling is available for gay and bisexual men living with HIV/AIDS or gay and bisexual men who are at high risk of HIV infection based on risk behavior. The service is available in two forms: individual or group. Individual emotional support services are confidential, short term (16 sessions) and free. We can help you better understand and work through emotional difficulties caused by the challenge that is to live with HIV and to discuss HIV infection risk behavior.

Special Events

We hold several educational and community specific events through the year. In July of 2005 we held a gay men retreat focusing on mental and physical health. On October of 2005 we held a community celebration for National Coming out Day. Every year we join Gay Pride events in New York City and Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. You can stay up to date by joining our electronic mailing list as well.

Health & Wellness

Sometimes is hard to make important life adjustments in order to have a healthy and plenty life. Gay and bisexual men face unique challenges when trying to prevent HIV infection and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is understandable to have a need for guidance and professional advice when targeting these goals. Under this program a counselor will work closely with you in the following areas: medical care, nutrition, safer sex negotiation with partners, impact of recreational drugs on risk of infection, your legal rights, and other important aspects of your everyday life. This program is available at all of our locations. In addition, you can check our ongoing groups and feel free to inquire about those.

Services for People Living with HIV

You are not alone! We know that sometimes it is very difficult to adjust to all the challenges that living with HIV can bring. Our main interest is to help you; that’s what we are here for. We have plenty of years of experience and have designed our services with you and your needs in mind. These are offered completely free and with strict confidentiality. We can help you get the services needed in order to live a plentiful and healthy life. We offer help managing your medical care and treatment, financial assistance with rent payments, individual and group emotional support, plus health education and wellness services.

Rental Assistance Program

The Forum offers assistance with rent payments for people who do not qualify for HASA benefits or benefits from any other government agency. In order to qualify you must also meet the following requirements:

You must be Non-HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) eligible.
You must have written certification of your AIDS or HIV-symptomatic diagnosis provided by a medical institution or doctor (M11Q form).
HIV positive-symptomatic.
Living in New York City boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island).
You must earn low income.
You must be enrolled in a Case Management program in New York City.
If you qualify, our rental assistance program can help you financially for up to 12 months.
If you are a case manager, you can download the New York City Rental Assistance Fund Application (PDF) for your clients.

Case Management

Our Case Management program is available for people living with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family. Under this program you will receive individualized help by one of our case managers. Our case managers are fully bilingual, competent and knowledgeable about services and programs available for people living with HIV/AIDS in New York. They will help you navigate through the bureaucracy of public services, provide advocacy, translation and interpreting, and if necessary, escort you to your appointments. Do not waste any more time, get the medical care, treatment, financial aid and access to all the programs available so you remain healthy and live a long productive life.

Emotional Support

Our emotional support program offers individual emotional support and group support for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. These services are offered in a fun and family feel environment where you can talk and receive support from individuals who understand your situation and any worries you may have. Here you will learn to develop new strategies and techniques to achieve emotional peace, as well as building your family support, and learn to cope with the emotional difficulties that living with HIV can bring. In our groups you can share experiences and learn new approaches for living with HIV in the healthiest way possible. We offer support groups for newly diagnosed individuals, people living long term with HIV/AIDS, women, men, gay, lesbian and transgender individuals plus family members who wish to support their HIV positive relatives.

Health & Wellness

Receiving an HIV diagnosis is extremely stressful and emotionally draining; it even seems more difficult when there is lack of knowledge about such a complex condition. It is understandable that you may want to speak to a person and that’s what we are here for. We are here to help you understand, make the right decisions and modifications needed in order to face your new life. Under this program you will be assigned to a bilingual case manager who knows the latest in HIV treatment and nutrition. You will also be able to discuss your concerns, like safer sex practices between you and your partner, disclosing to key friends and family members, understanding your lab tests and medication regimen, learn to advocate for yourself with doctors, plus many other important aspects of managing your condition. We also offer several workshops and symposiums on HIV, conducted by experts.

Latino Youth In Action

For more than 11 years, Latino Youth in Action has provided leadership training to Latino youth to fight the spread of HIV. Since its inception, the program has graduated over 300 young men and women under the age of 24 in the South Bronx and Western Queens. In spite of a loss of funding from the AIDS Institute, HAF continues to provide significant support to Latino Queer youth in the South Bronx. In recent months, LYIA has been busy sharing with other community based organizations its unique strategies and successes for reaching other youth. LYIA presented at three major AIDS Conferences: Reunion Latina, March 2007; CDC DASH Conference, April 2007; and HPLS, May 2007. Visit LYIA Section at Latino Pride Center for more on LYIA program and events.

Don’t get discouraged, you are not alone. Life can be difficult when you are a transgender woman. It doesn’t matter which stage of your reconstructive process you find yourself at, you face challenges and difficulties that affect you physically and emotionally. We are here for you. We have been part of your community for many years now, giving you respect, support and education, as well as the quality services that you deserve. Our groups and workshops, emotional support services, wellness program and TransLatina special events have been designed with you in mind; and with the assistance of other transgender women. For detailed information on each of these services, please select the menu option on the left of this page. All these services are confidential, free of charge and exclusively for transgender Latino women.

Transgender Women Services

Symposiums & Workshops

Knowledge is power and we offer monthly symposiums and workshops in order to keep you up to date with many of topics of real relevance to you. Among these, we offer workshops on your rights as a transgender woman, immigration laws, access to healthcare services, hormones, reconstructive surgery, housing, health education and more. Workshops and symposiums are offered at our Queens and Bronx offices.

Emotional Support for Transgender Women

Many transgender women have been affected by HIV/AIDS and the risk of infection is always present. If you are HIV positive, the emotional support program offers information on strategies to live a better and healthier life. We can help you face challenges and overcome the obstacles that your life as a transgender HIV positive woman can bring. Remember, life is easier when we have support! If you are HIV negative, we offer you support, information and skills development so you can remain negative and protect yourself. We accomplish this through group interventions and private one on one conversations where we focus on your needs and personal situation. All of these services are offered free of charge. We understand each other by talking and listening. Come and be part of our TransLatina group sessions. You can share your experiences and knowledge and learn how to see problems and circumstances in a more optimistic way, focusing on solutions. In these groups and workshops we learn from each other. We discuss opportunities and challenges we face by being a transgender woman; we identify solutions and learn to grow as a person. We also organize social gatherings to share our concenrs and success among friends in a safe environment. We meet every month at the Queens and Bronx offices.

Special Events

We offer annual educational special events focused on relevant topics for the Latino transgender community in New York. In June of 2005, we offered a one-day symposium exclusively focusing on health issues for transgender women. We covered topics on hormone effects, HIV prevention, spirituality, mental health, reconstructive surgery, legal rights among other. You can stay up to date by checking our Group Schedule, HAF’s calendar of events, and joining our electronic mailing list as well.

Health & Wellness

Sometimes it is difficult to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to live a healthy and plentiful life. Our everyday challenges we face as a transgender person sometimes conflict with our goal of remaining HIV negative and live in a healthier way. It is understandable that you might want to speak to someone regarding ways of learning to keep a healthy lifestyle and make decisions that will ensure your well being. As part of this program, we will assign you a counselor who’s focus is to teach you about medical care, nutrition, safer sex negotiation techniques, drug use abstinence, your legal rights and other very important aspects of your life. This program is offered at our Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan offices.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in being considered for a particular position, please send a resume and cover letter, position desired and salary requirements to:

Personnel Department
Hispanic AIDS Forum
1767 Park Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10035
Fax: 212-868-6237

HAF is an equal opportunity employer!



HAF- Manhattan
1767 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10035
(212) 563-4500

12 Noon to 7:30PM Monday to Thursdays; Fridays 9:30AM- 4:00PM except major holidays when the office is closed.

De medio día a 7:30PM de martes a jueves; viernes de 9:30AM a 4PM excepto días feriados cuando HAF cierra.

Testing available by appointment only.  No walk ins will be accepted.


HAF-Queens Pride House
76-11 37th Avenue, Suite 206
Jackson Heights, New York 10372
Tel: 718-409-5309


HAF- Bronx
975 Kelly Street, 4th Floor (corner of Westchester Ave)
Bronx, NY 11459

2 & 5 Train and 4 & 17 Bus to Intervale Avenue

Monday through Thursday: 12PM - 7PM and Friday: 10AM-4PM except major holidays when the office is closed.

Lunes a jueves: 12PM - 7PM y viernes: 10AM-4PM excepto días feriados cuando HAF cierra.

St. Ann’s Corner Harm Reduction
310 Walton Avenue, Suite 201 (between 138th & 140th Street)
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 585-5544

4 & 5 train to 138th Street & Grand Concourse Station

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month: 11AM – 2PM

Cada 2do y 4to martes de cada mes: 11AM - 2PM

* We offer HIV antibody testing at other locations but the schedule is not fixed. Please feel free to call 212-868-6230 for more details or if you prefer to make an appointment. 

* Ofrecemos la prueba del VIH en muchas otras localidades, pero el itinerario no es fijo. Para más detalles llama o si prefiere hacer una cita, por favor llame al 212-868-6230.

Fax for all Locations
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